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3442 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70115, USA 70115

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Anecdotes & Analysis

A curious narrow, well-windowed, wedge-shaped building with Art Nouveau accents has been a restaurant off and on for decades. In recent years, it has become a haven for hipsters who work in the nearby hospitals. Or who have houses undergoing restoration in the neighborhood. A blackboard shows the menu. It is puzzling as to what kind of meal you will have here, but you figure out after a few minutes that this is bar food intermingled with some surprisingly interesting entrees and daily specials.

Why It's Essential

The neighborhood of Louisiana at St. Charles Avenues is a center for young professionals and the establishments that draw them. Those who are still single are in particular evidence. You show up when you get there, you go home when you're ready. Or you are at the Columns Hotel up the avenue.


"That narrow building with the funny green roof that used to be a dress shop" is all the description needed to nail down which bar and restaurant you're talking about--among Uptowners, anyway. Too many restaurants for me to recall (which is saying something) have located here, always unconventional. One of the earliest failed places had a menu that fit entirely into the Atkins Diet.

Dining Room

Most of the action is at the bar, where one places a food order. The tables on the point of the wedge face St. Charles Avenue. Few of the tables or chairs match, completing an environment that is probably responsible for the popularity of the place. For all practical purposes the Delachaise is an all-night hangout on weekends. The kitchen is open until midnight.

For Best Results

If when you get there no place to sit down, you must assay the situation as to how soon you can land, or you may have a long evening before. Which might work.

Bonus Information

Attitude 1
Environment 1
Hipness 2
Local Color 1
Service 0
Value 1
Wine 1