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Thai Pepper

1625 US-190, Mandeville, LA 70448, USA 70448

Restaurant Review

Why It's Essential

The North Shore experienced a boom in Thai restaurants in the late Oughts, going from zero outlets for the exciting food of Thailand to eight now. This one has been open longest, with a fine record of consistency. The menu is long even by the standards of Thai restaurants, and includes all the classics. More than the usual number of Thai salads are here, all big enough to make an entree.


This restaurant was one of the pioneers of Thai cooking on the North Shore. It began in 2005 as the Thai Pepper, operating in a grandiose location just off the intersection of the three Causeway Approach roads. (Across the lake, this is the center of the known universe.) After a year or so it changed its name to Thai Palace and moved to its present, less obvious location. (It's on the least intuitive of the three highways that are all called just US 190 through Mandeville. It really ought to have its own name.)

Dining Room

Not a palace, exactly, but a reasonably nice-looking space in a strip mall. The lady who owns it is always there, and most of the time she is the entire wait staff.

For Best Results

If you want more than one course, just order the first one and say you'll think about what else you want. Otherwise, you might get the entire order at one time. They cook so rapidly that this strategy won't hold up your meal.

Bonus Information

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