Gourmet Mexican And Nachos?

Written by Tom Fitzmorris September 19, 2019 05:00 in Dining Diary

The radio show was exceptionally good today as well as yesterday. Our guest was a young man who is very enthusiastic about Mexican food. Brett Jones is the owner of the five-month-old Barracuda, on Tchoupitoulas at Constantinople. My wife says that you will miss this small walk-up if you are not paying attention. She also says the seating is outside. They won’t be seeing me any time soon.

We had Brett on the show because he had some important news. Nachos. After finally listening to his wife (smart man) he has decided that queso should be available, and then went a step further. Starting Friday afternoon, not-coincidentally, National Queso Day, nachos will be on the menu at Barracuda Monday through Friday from 3-6:30 pm and on Saints game days. These will be Ballpark Style Nachos (I hope much better) and will have queso, creamy salsa verde, crema, pickles, pepitas, and cilantro. He should be expecting the girls in my house.

Brett and MA got into a deep discussion about what constitutes great nachos, going all the way back to what constitutes a great chip. It was mutually decided that chips should be thin but sturdy, and able to hold a big scoop of queso and a hefty pile of guac without snapping. And both decided that nachos should have a bit of everything in every bite. All I wanted to know was where was the mole poblano in all this? My wife was enchanted with this conversation and will be there with my daughter before he can say Ballpark Nachos.

Brett has an interesting story. Originally from a little north of the city, he worked his way around kitchens nationally, settling in New Orleans with Dinner Lab. But his passion for Mexican food goes back much further. At the age of 15, he was enlightened about Mexican food on a trip to Mexico City, and has been searching for the perfect version ever since. He is making his own tortillas, both corn and flour, and sourcing the best ingredients, but does not have mole poblano. My wife says I should forgive him because of space constraints. I guess I can. No one else has it either. But this outdoor seating business, not so much. And nachos? The girls can have my share. And I’m sure they will.

Barracuda happy hour will include Chips & Queso, Guacamole Tostada, and rotating special tacos and pitcher deals. $5 classic margaritas, $4 Micheladas, $3 Modelo, and $5 red, white, or rose house wine.


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