The Marys Are Won Over

Mary Ann Fitzmorris October 31, 2019 11:26 Dining Diary

A month ago we had the owner of Barracuda on the show to talk about his new happy hour, featuring nachos. I was originally suspicious of this place because of its heavy millennial component, meaning mission statements instead of deliciousness. But when Brett Jones called in and we chatted, I liked him so much I was intrigued by the possibilities. He was using great ingredients and had opinions about food that made it all sound promising. We couldn’t wait to go, because the Marys like nachos second only to cheese fries.

It took us over a month to get there and unfortunately, it was a really rainy day. Barracuda is a tiny place on Tchoupitoulas with only a walk-up counter inside and all seating is covered outdoor. We sat in what seemed like a pass-through corridor with a brick patio floor. This is just an adorable place. Cedar fences and lots of succulents and bromeliads as flora, fauna was tiny birds looking for tortilla chip crumbs. Picnic tables in pea gravel. The design-nut Marys were charmed.

We ordered too much, because it was all so exciting. Queso with chorizo (thank you Mrs. Jones), guacamole, and the nachos with brisket. When the question of smoked or not was answered not, I didn’t want them, but the other Mary persisted. These were delicious, and unusual, including things like pepitas and pomegranate seeds. And pickled everything. This all sounds too “authentic” and hip for the likes of us, but the flavors came together in a sensational package. The Marys eating pomegranate seeds on nachos...imagine!

The guacamole was the newer kind of just seemingly smooshed avocado. I am not a fan of this version, but it is maybe the most popular now, and what could ever be wrong with avocado in any iteration? The queso was really great, especially since Brett had to be talked into having it on the menu. But the one thing that tied it all together was the chips, which are made from their homemade tortillas. These are exceptionally good-exactly the right thickness, and the perfect toast on them.

When Brett was on the show it was discovered that he and I share fandom of Torchy’s Tacos, a great Texas chain with the best chips I’ve had anywhere. These were as good as those, and a lot closer.

We went in highly skeptical of all this, but if ever there was a place to win us over, here it was. Everyone there was a regular but us, and the clientele was an interesting mix of hip millennials, and older hippies and all kinds of other people. Friendly staff and quick turnaround made it a lovely way to spend a rainy afternoon.


3984 Tchoupitoulas St.  New Orleans


Tu-Fri  11am-10pm

Saturday & Sunday 9am-10pm

Closed Mondays