CBD Steakhouse Chain Outpost Holding Its Own

Tom Fitzmorris October 01, 2019 09:03 Dining Diary

The show was quite lively on Friday, after some initial hiccups, the first being that Mary Ann got the guest Charles Duque confused with another guest she had booked. Then producer Doug put the wrong name in, and he went from Charle to Cherie to Charles, which was the right name. Then we stumbled a bit more before settling into a groove with him about French cheeses. We parted friends, (we think) and his website cheesesofeurope.com. is worth a visit.

Then FOS (Friend of the Show) Liz Weiman dropped in to hang with us, as she often does. In from Houston, she is promoting her new book 100+ tricks for your Android. It’s the sequel to 100+ Tricks for your IPhone. She’s a tech-savvy woman who has tried to teach me a thing or two. If only I had learned it. Mainly we three talked about food, since she is from New Orleans and is a foodie.

The show was busy and seemed to fly by. We didn’t even have a chance to talk about last night’s Eat Club. Before we knew it the clock said 5pm.

My plan was to rush home to see a performance of NPAS, because I’m not in this one. MA insisted that any dinner be on the south shore, so we walked the block to Chophouse, a handsome steakhouse that seems to be for tourists in the CBD hotels. 

It’s a beautiful place that was briefly Cuvee, the brainchild of Kenny Lacour of Dakota and Juban’s fame, among others. The building originated in 1880, and housed the Bon Ton Cafe before it moved across the street. With its exposed brick walls and wood trim, it is a handsome and masculine spot. The bar is intimate and dark. As part of a chain, one wonders why this Tenneessee-based steakhouse has a claim on New Orleans. Answer: The owner is a Tulane grad. 

MA inquired about the onion rings and found out they are so thick-cut they resemble a donut. Something about the presentation. We declined. She got garlic-baked shrimp as an entree, and I got a strip that was so inoffensive to her she actually ate some. We also got Lyonnaise potatoes and creamed spinach. The steak was way beyond inoffensive. We both liked it very much. I usually complain about steaks in restaurants being tough these days for some reason. This was tender, juicy, cooked exactly as I asked, sizzling in butter. It was beautifully well-trimmed. I couldn't have asked for anything better. The potatoes were also a very nice accompaniment to the delicious steak. Not especially well-seasoned, but cooked well, and very enjoyable. The Caesar salads at an adjacent table made us both wish we had gotten them. 

Mary Ann cringed with the first bite of the creamed spinach, usually a favorite menu item for her. An unexpected and undesirable flavor she suspected to be nutmeg or turneric was confirmed. Nutmeg. The waiter was proud of the secret ingredient. MA thought it odd enough to leave it. She didn’t like the shrimp appreciably better, leaving most of them. Garlic a little too fresh, too much, and an odd cheese. 

We were full, and had to go, so we passed on dessert.

Leaving the dining room, it seemed that everyone in it was a tourist. We will leave this one for them.

Chophouse New Orleans

322 Magazine St. New Orleans


Daily 5-10pm

Friday & Saturday till 11pm