Starry Starry Night

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris December 25, 2019 12:38 in Dining Diary

Handpainted nutcracker icon courtesy of Mary leigh Fitzmorris, who doesn't know she has provided it.

There wasn’t much eating yesterday or today. After the show Tom went to the kitchen to prepare the glaze for the ham, I ran out for some last-minute shopping. ML had been in the kitchen most of the day working on a gluten-free cake. 

After making a huge mess in the kitchen I spent the evening alone cleaning up. It was pretty late when I finished mopping. I went outside on the deck to look at the cold December sky, my favorite skies all year. The stars were plentiful and bright as they usually are these evenings, and I couldn’t help but wonder about that special star in the dark sky so very long ago.

May all of you in the nomenu family have a blessed holiday season. You are beloved.