Comfort By Cheesecake

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris June 05, 2020 10:00 in Dining Diary

It’s hard to remember when the Cotton Blues Cheesecake first caught my attention. I saw pictures of it as it came into the market in New Orleans as a frozen cheesecake, carried by Rouse’s and other stores. The pictures of this cheesecake were dazzling. I had to try it. We were even thinking of driving to Hattiesburg, where the flagship restaurant Cotton Blues is located, and then the world changed.


Yet despite the countless trips to the store during lockdown, I never seemed to remember to get the cheesecake, which arrived in town not long before everything changed. And then the company contacted us offering to ship one to us so we could try it. Well, hell yes! That’s the only answer to a question like this.


We started to count the days since we got word the package had shipped. It was due a few days ago, so we tracked it. A delivery had been attempted as scheduled, but no one was home and receipt proof was required.


Another day went by before the mystery was solved. It had been located but the address was not exactly right, so we had to straighten it out before delivery could be attempted again.And today when I returned home a package was there. It had been several days since its journey had started, and even though it was packed in dry ice, I had my doubts.


Incredibly, it was still cool but room temp cool. We had gotten to the end of the grace period. The cheesecake comes in a styrofoam ice chest with the dry ice. There is a lovely thank you note first when it is opened. 


The packaging is lovely, and the cheesecake is as beautiful as its pictures. We love a thick graham cracker crust, which is a hallmark of this cheesecake. It is light and airy and has a very nice tang to it. There are now four flavors: Original, Strawberry, Blueberry, and Sea-salted caramel.

 This is a delicious cheesecake, and we see why everyone is talking about it. It’s not as good as having your own cheesecake baker in house as we do, but it’s a very nice second. Available all over on Goldbelly, and in grocer’s frozen foods aisles in the Southeast.