Seafood Is Art At GW FINS

Written by Tom Fitzmorris August 20, 2019 05:00 in Dining Diary

Going to media events used to be a regular part of the routine. It is rare now for two reasons: we don’t get invited as often, and the events are different. But when we got the details on the book celebration for Tenney Flynn’s new tome, we jumped on it. Again, for two reasons: Even though we would be the old guard, there would likely be others of the old guard. In other words, we’d probably know others there. But more important, knowing these two real pros, the food would be great, and plentiful.

It was exactly as we thought. At the SoFab Museum, which MA says reminds her of someone’s garage sale, we could smell deliciousness emanating from the building from outside on the street. Inside, Gary Wollerman’s lovely daughter greeted us at the front desk. The party was in the back kitchen. It’s actually a nice space, especially for parties like this one. The table was set with enough food of different kinds that it was like a catered affair. Stacks of “The Deep End Of Flavor” sat next to a post, and there was a table for signing.

The signature dish of the restaurant, Lobster Dumplings, was in a large chafing dish. Mary Ann was delighted to have as many of these as she wanted. They were endless, and kept coming, with a creamy sauce generously napping them. The adjacent chafing dish had Barbecued Shrimp, which my wife declared the best she has had. These were served alongside the local bread she calls manna from heaven - Bellegarde. Happy camper, she.

There was also Tuna and Salmon Tartares, Vera Cruz Shooters, Cobia with Thai Mirliton slaw, and a few desserts: Mini Apple Pies With Caramel drizzle and Bleu cheese crumbles, and Shrimp and Sticky Rice crusted in coconut. And of course bread pudding. Delicious, all. The wine was flowing, and some good old friends were there. Great time.

The real takeaway though, was a question we asked each other as we left. With food that great, why in the world do we not go to GW Fins more often? We vowed to remedy that.

GW Fins

808 Bienville St  New Orleans


Sun-Th 5-10pm 

Friday & Saturday till 10:30