Consistent Deliciousness

Written by Tom Fitzmorris August 09, 2019 11:34 in Dining Diary

Before the show yesterday, we went to have a delicious as always lunch at Keith Young’s. Mary Ann is a huge fan of the place, as are so many others, and for all the same reasons: terrific food, beautiful surroundings, friendly, attentive, and competent staff, great prices. And she loves Keith, as I do. But I’ll add one more. Absolutely every time I set foot in the place I run into someone I know. Yes, the north shore is not a large community, but I find it here more than other places.

We started with my favorite on the menu, Oysters Bienville. Keith came out once when I ordered this, particularly interested in my opinion of his Oysters Bienville. Naturally, I thought them spectacular. He chuckled and said, “Whew. I am pleased to hear that. It’s your recipe.” And he has executed it most faithfully. These, and all others I have had there, were delicious, so much so that MA was tempted, and she’s on some sort of detox,or something. I lose track.

We each got a small house salad that comes with entrees. To mix it up, I got the fried catfish, which came with two hush puppies and a seafood stuffed bell pepper. It was everything I wanted it to be. Deviating from her usual hamburger, MA got her other staple here, a seafood-stuffed baked potato. Which is hardly lo-cal. Something about unnatural carbs. It had shrimp and crab and cheese in a cream sauce, so go figure. I have to admit, this is pretty great.

Keith came to visit and mentioned that he has a new burger, which terrified MA. This is the burger she recommends to every burger lover she knows. She was immediately shaken because the menu has changed, which usually means prices went up. Mary Ann tells everyone about the fantastic burger at $9.99 on the menu here only at lunch, She was worried it wouldn’t be that price when her fellow burger fanatics arrived. It is still $9.99, without fries but you get a salad, so she relaxed. But when Keith told her about the change in the burger itself, she wished she had gotten one. Short ribs and a different other cut make up the patty. Keith does nothing that isn’t 100%, so it’s a safe bet. Nothing to worry about. She’ll just have to go back soon.

We did not have time for dessert, or the room.

Keith Young’s Steak House

165 Hwy 21 Madisonville


Tuesday  Dinner 5-10pm

Wed-Sat  Lunch 11-2  Dinner 5-10