Another Memorable Labor Day

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris September 04, 2019 05:00 in Dining Diary

We really do take our own advice. So after we sent out the Labor Day newsletter I was motivated to cook on Labor Day. I went to the store and got everything needed, including the charcoal. We have an extraordinary amount of that, all wet.

The bean salad from the newsletter was on the menu, and ML made some guacamole. We didn’t use the recipe in Tom's book, because ML and I have switched to preferring a chunkier style of guac. We pitched four avocados that in two days went bad, and got some new ones, hoping they would last long enough to make the guac.

We used the Labor Day recipe of creole seasoning and olive oil as a paste for the chicken, and the ribs were basted with a combination of the creole seasoning, a little jalapeno, and the orange marmalade the Goring Hotel had in our room when we checked in on our February trip. It was the first time we opened it. We will absolutely use it again.

I wanted to cook because a few days before I was enticed to buy some 5/$1 corn, and it would soon go bad. There are few things better than an ear of corn with melted butter and a little salt on a summer day. 

And I made a pitcher of iced tea. We took the accompanying pictures outside, and caught a breeze which tricked us into staying outside to eat. We were not out at the lake to dip into the water, and we are also not likely to do it again, but it was a nice way to spend Labor Day 2019.

Hope yours was good too.