An Easter Parade

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris April 09, 2023 21:14 in Dining Diary

Tom has often said that few people know their client base like Cayman Sinclair. He has had a number of restaurants on the north shore and operates a catering company that has become a favorite for crews on movies, commercials, and music events. He also owns venues like La Provence and Maison Lafitte. Cayman married Sara, one of his managers and a woman of impeccable taste, and together they offer truly glamorous dining experiences.

The food is not brilliant, but it is very good. Cayman’s corporate chef, Pete Kusiw, is a tastemaker of considerable talent. We love his food. He is capable of much more gourmet food than is served at these brunches, but Cayman understands that his customer base does not need gourmet, they just want very good food in a comfortable family environment.

So when I wanted to stay nearby and have a wonderful experience for Easter, I knew where to go. I have often said that going to a brunch buffet orchestrated by these three is like being a guest at a glamorous wedding. It is hard to find this experience since the Lakehouse was so rudely obliterated by Hurricane Ida. They do occasionally have these brunches, but they are not every weekend like they used to be. 

We arrived a little late for the only seating, which was a good thing because lines at a buffet can be long. There were a few other tables set with pastries and scones, cookies for the kids, and muffins. 

We got a plate with a few of the scones, which at first looked savory with bits of cheddar, but upon closer inspection, we realized this was dried fruit. These were a tad bit dry as scones can be, but I really liked all the dried fruit. Tom was delighted with the lemon curd that accompanied these baked goods.

There were two lines of chafing dishes, and the offerings began with a lovely salad of diverse greens with sliced strawberries, blue cheese, and pecans as add-ons. The dressing was a bit sweet but very good. An additional salad already tossed with a creamy dressing was made of sliced red bell peppers and broccoli. There was a bit of bacon in this. This was creamy and crunchy and colorful.

There was a line of dishes with two kinds of baked eggs, one with herbs and cheese and the other with ham and cheese. These were well-done enough to hold a shape, but they had all the necessary ingredients. 

Creamy grits with corn were alongside the eggs, and that was very good. They weren’t fancy and overdone with cheese, just simple and good. 

Every buffet needs a pasta dish, and this one was penne with cream sauce and grilled shrimp and tomatoes. It is hard to find a cream sauce that isn’t wonderful, in my opinion, and I liked this very much. 

Chicken breasts paneed with a Parmesan and breadcrumb crust were in the next dish. This did not have a sauce but we liked it nevertheless. 

At the end of the line was another long table with two carving stations. There was one with gooseneck bottom round roast and top neck buffet ham. The roast beef was very good, but the ham was spectacular. I loved this ham enough to seek it out. 

Next to these two was the most popular action station, the lone waffle maker. When we got one, Mary Leigh said the taste was exceptional. Tom’s waffles are drowned in syrup, but she actually tasted the waffle itself and liked it so well she went to get one for herself.

One of our favorite waitresses of all time, Helen, was manning the wine station and iced tea. It was wonderful to see her again. 

Mimosas and other drinks were somewhere else, outside where all the tables were set. There were tables for eggs for the kids, a white castle for jumping, and everywhere were families enjoying the holiday.

I miss this scene, and I look forward to doing it again.

Happy Easter, everyone!