Another Mid-City Carnivore Outpost

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris November 05, 2019 09:58 in Dining Diary

Piece of Meat Butcher is a place I instantly dismissed as being one of those “things” that would annoy me. Trendy, so 2019. Gimmicky. Still, I was curious. I finally went there just to see how it really looked. Of course that was a Wednesday, the only day it was closed. It was tiny and charming, and I couldn’t wait to go back and actually eat something. Today was that day.

I stood at the counter overwhelmed with choices of things I wanted to eat, keeping one eye on the $15 lb bologna that looked more like paté. This was definitely not the stuff of Trups from back in the day. I really wanted to try the bologna sandwich, but the smoker outside was kicking up a cloud and the barbecue called to me. Did I want a brisket sandwich with sriracha aioli? Yes, I did. But I also wanted boudin balls, boudin eggrolls, and a brisket platter and a bbq plate. The chicken salad, sausage platter, and something called JoJos, even though I didn’t know what they are.

I settled on the bbq plate for $26, and the boudin eggrolls as an appetizer, and I was secure in the knowledge that I would soon be joined by a friend, so the burden to eat it all would not fall squarely on my shoulders, ...or hips. The plate came on one of those silver trays that means it’s cooler here than a place that would just have plates. In this place though, plates would be out of place.

We started with the large and scorching stove-hot boudin eggrolls, oozing pepperjack cheese from where they were cut. The sriracha aioli was good with the meatiness of the boudin and the flakiness of the wonton crust.

On the main plate, a small pile of ribs were very well done but not too meaty, and the rub was surprisingly sweet. That sounds unpleasant but it was anything but. There was another small pile of thick brisket slices with a layer of fat in a small puddle of au jus. A large bowl of coleslaw was also good in a light mayo dressing. There was a horseradish aioli and some pieces of sausage rounding out the plate. This was all very enjoyable but not overly filling. I was glad to share it.

Inside, the place is cute in a very hipstery way, but not offensive at all. The music is definitely over the top, but that’s because I’m not the target market, and I’m very okay with that. I’ll still go,...and often,... for the food.

Piece of Meat Butcher

3301 Bienville St  New Orleans


Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 11am-7pm

Closed Wednesday

Friday 11am-8pm

Saturday 10am-8pm

Sunday 10am-4pm