Another Chicken Sandwich Contender? Yes.

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris January 09, 2020 09:31 in Dining Diary

Can anyone still be looking for a chicken sandwich? Okay, they are good - I mean, how far wrong can you go with a fried chicken breast and some spicy mayo and pickles? But c’mon.

Someone has to investigate appearances of this hot culinary trend though, so on a recent visit to one of my faves, Porter & Luke's, I had to eschew (if you’ll pardon the grotesque pun) my usual Club Sandwich to get one of the lunch specials. The chicken sandwich (pictured) is, ...a chicken sandwich. But it does happen to be a very good one. I really liked the bun, which is something I never eat. I did eat this one. There was a generous dollop of spicy mayo and a lot of pickles. Whenever I get a chicken sandwich anywhere, I assume it should have lettuce and tomato to fully dress it, but the standard by which all are measured, Popeyes, has only the pickles. This one at Porter & Luke's was a generous chicken breast perfectly fried with a thickish crispy coating that was exactly the right spice level. I loved this. It was served alongside what is a signature item here: housemade potato chips. These are sometimes a little off, but this day were spot one. A very satisfying plate of food.

My companion got something that used to be hard to find, but less so lately. Chicken livers. These were served in a really generous portion with pepper jelly. They were devoured and much appreciated. Also on the table was another big favorite of the house at Porter & Luke's, meatballs and spaghetti.

ML got these once and was a little disappointed in the meatballs, but my friend today was quite pleased with the food but especially so with the friendliness, buzz (always packed here) and general comfortable feel of the place. The phrase "love everything about this place," was uttered more than a few times.

I agree. It is always a treat to visit Porter & Luke's. But now I’m going to have to contend with battling fowl desires: fried chicken sandwich or turkey club? I guess I’ll manage.

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