Delicious Diet-Buster

Written by Mary Ann Fitzmorris May 26, 2020 09:00 in Dining Diary

 Our pickup driver had cakes to deliver in Metairie over the weekend, so we got takeout from The Galley Seafood. They are open for dine-in as well, but their takeout operation continues in full swing, with continuous cars backing up to the restaurant, popping their trunk to be filled with these precious boxes of greasy goodness.

We had forgotten how delicious this place is, and how bad for the waistline. It is impossible to stop eating when it makes sense. We got a soft shell crab with crabmeat on top and a side of creamy pasta. And some fried chicken, with baked macaroni, and corn grits. And if there is a stuffed artichoke available…


These are not traveling foods, but we have been pleasantly surprised by their condition upon arrival. ML, who does not get stuffed artichokes, ate this one. That meant that I, who does, had to share. That’s a good thing, because this one was exploding with stuffing. It did not compare to my mother’s (none do) but it was very good.


The fried chicken was really good. Smallish pieces from a smaller chicken have better flavor, and the skin was crunchy and crispy. With good spice levels, this was very good fried chicken. The baked macaroni is Rocky and Carlo’s style. What could be wrong with this.? The runt of this litter was the corn grits. These were cooked fine but pretty tasteless, and the corn appeared an afterthought, kernels scattered about.


The soft shell crab was great, just as flavorful and well-fried as the chicken. The topping crabmeat was disappointing in quality and quantity, though I don’t know how much it was.

The cream sauce in the pasta was spectacular. It had green bell peppers and an extraordinary flavor. Thus was devoured by all.


All of this came with very pretty salads that were completely ignored.


It arrived as a huge pile of good that frightened our nicely-sculpted daughter. “Don’t worry, “ I assured her, “There are three meals here.” Further proof we haven’t had the Galley’s irresistible food in a while. There was a bit of artichoke left, which I killed off in a snack later.