Bad Day In A Good Place

Mary Ann Fitzmorris August 29, 2019 10:45 Food For Thought

Before show time yesterday I ran to a favorite dining spot that I have previously lauded in print and on the radio. And I had a completely different experience than any other I have had there. And I have had many.

Since the Winsdor Court’s 30th anniversary in 2014 (is that really five years now?) they have celebrated with various promotions. The longest-running is the $19.84 lunch special, called “The Meat-And-Three.” It is served from 11:30-2 in the Grill Room and is a ridiculously great deal. 

It is also their lunch Coolinary.

The portions, except for the meat, are large enough to be full courses, so there is quite a lot of food here. It is not coursed out, so your gumbo or soup or salad is a side. And there is an enormous selection of sides. Even a daunting amount.

All of this starts with maybe the most delectable biscuits I have had. They are petite with herbs, and some cheddar, and are just flaky and flavorful. These used to come in a basket full,  but maybe everyone was eating them all as I did, so now it is two with an herbed roll, accompanied by an unusually good pat of butter, or could it be the black salt presentation? Anyway, everyone likes this.

Yesterday I arrived early for my reservation to a packed house. Even though there were tables empty I had to wait in the bar. They mentioned” letting the kitchen catch up,” which is something I expect from the Chimes but not a place of this caliber. Is that unreasonable? I have not been on the other side of the industry, so it may be, but I just expect places in this sphere to be exempt from the problems that besiege lesser establishments. 

This was the first time I included the WIndsor Court Salad in the side dish assortment, and it was wilted with lettuce brown at the edges. I have never had anything here served in that condition. When I tasted my chicken gumbo it seemed off. Was the rest of the experience polluting my opinion of this gumbo, which I have previously said was a favorite of mine in town? It was still delicious but not as delicious as usual. Or was it all in my mind, now clouded by the rest? 

I sent the salad back and they returned with the andouille mac’n’cheese, which was hot and creamy with the perfect mix of everything. The Brussels sprouts were as good as ever and the grilled redfish was missing its sauce (and maybe a piece of itself.)

Overall, it was still great food as part of an outstanding deal, but it was about 75% of normal. And I’m sure it’s because they were slammed with Coolinary. I am definitely being harsh, but shouldn’t restaurants in this league be ready for a bump like this?

Food for thought, hence the name of this section.

Windsor Court Grill Room

300 Gravier St New Orleans


Breakfast 7-10:30am

Lunch 11:30am-2pm

Dinner 5:30-10pm

Brunch Saturday & Sunday 11:30am-2pm