After decades of fighting static, low power at night and other problems, the Food Show has moved to the latest radio technology. It’s called HD, and it replaces my long-running AM radio program with a powerful new signal and sound quality sharper than FM or even CDs. You can tap into the HD2 band in a number of ways, the best of which is to click here to start the free stream on your computer.
The Food Show–now in its 28th year–doesn’t want to lose any listeners. Unfortunately, some people will have to shuffle their audio equipment to make sure that they don’t miss anything. And even if they do, they can listen to ever second of the Food Show by downloading the podcats. It’s available for every show, every day, for weeks after it first aired.

I especially invite you to call in to our show from 3-7 p.m. weekdays. The phone number is the same as before: 504-260-6368.

Thanks for listening. I know you’ll enjoy the new Food Show on 105.3 FM, HD2, WWL FM.

Tastefully yours,
Tom Fitzmorris

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  1. Kathryn Gamble on February 15, 2017

    Dear Tom,

    I can hear your program on my computer but am broken hearted that I cannot listen on my headphones while I work out at the West Jefferson Hospital. That is usually where I am when listening to your program.

    I have searched the internet for earphones that would work on AM and HD2. If you find where they could be purchased please let me know on my email.

    I’m hoping this technology will develop to make it more user friendly for people like me.

    Most sincerely,
    Kathy Gamble

  2. Judy McMahon on February 19, 2017

    Tom, thank you so much! We live in Thibodaux and for the first time I can now listen to a very clear broadcast. In the past it was hit or miss (usually miss). Looking forward to many years of having yu as company as I drive around the bayou country.

    Judy McMahon

  3. c johnson on March 22, 2017

    I have heard many reports that bog-box stores like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target and other such either have them or will get one for you quickly.
    Thanks for caring.
    Tastefully yours,
    Tom Fitzmorris

    Is there any place in the New Orleans area to get a HD2 radio?

  4. Pat Tarride on April 6, 2017

    My husband loves to listen to Tom Fitzmorris while in his car. How can he stream the show live on his iPhone?

    Download a smart-phone app called TuneIn. (Basic version is free, but the better Pro version is only a dollar.) You can control hundreds of radio stations through Tune In, including my station. From there, you can send the food show into your car’s sound system, with a cable or Bluetooth. If you can’t figure it out, get in touch with a 15-year-old nephew or son or daughter, and they’ll do it for you.

  5. Mark Washington on April 23, 2017

    They make lunch tongue at Jeanfreau supermarket on parish Rd in Chalmette. However,it is made from Pork tongue rather than the traditional beef tongue. Remarkably,it tastes the same

  6. Jim McCollum on May 24, 2017

    Just a note from Tulsa to let you know how I listen to your show. I have an Amazon Echo and I simply tell it: “Alexia, play WWL HD2 Radio” She uses Tune-In and begins playing your show.

    So much easier than all the computer links and downloads.

    Gulfport- Corn and Crawfish Bisque is outstanding at the White Cap Seafood Restaurant,
    560 Beach Dr, Gulfport, MS 39507

    Also, the best Fried Pickles are at Lil Ray’s in Gulfport. 500 Courthouse Rd, Gulfport, MS 39507
    very nice Shrimp Po-Boys too!

  7. Mac on June 5, 2017

    Glad to read you are recommending the TuneIn app for listening on smart phone or tablets. I tried the WWL app, but it is unstable and ALWAYS disconnects from the audio stream when the phone screen blanks. Checking online with Google Play (android version), this appears to be a common problem with the WWL app. Needs work.

    On the other hand, the TuneIn app works every time! Get it!

  8. TJ on July 17, 2017

    Listening to your show the other day reminded me of a story. I used to manage a warehouse for a production company and was, at least in the beginning, a 9-5 type job. We hired a new girl from Detroit. She was amazed at food was such a big part of lives. She would make fun of me when at 10 o’clock I was asking what’s for lunch. The job moved to us working a small crew on weekends in case the guys out on job sites need last minute deliveries and I found myself working one of here weekends with her. We had to make a run in the van and instead of listing to rock or pop or country I had the radio tuned to the food show. She thought I was joking. She couldn’t believe that myself plus many other people would just listen to people talk about food. My only response to her was, “Yes, yes we do. What’s for lunch?”

    That’s a New Orleanian, all right. People in other places enviy this lifestlye of ours. Thanks for the anecdote.

  9. Dan on August 3, 2017


    You mentioned you would recommend the best restaurants to visit for Coolinary. Can you advise a few of them? We plan on visiting Galatoires today for lunch, Semolinas in the future for lunch and of course Commander’s Palace for dinner. Thanks in advance.


    • Tom Fitzmorris Author on August 3, 2017

      Here is my list of all the Coolinary menus in force around town, in order by neighborhood. Exceptional restaurants on this list are recognized with this mark: >.

      Tastefully yours,
      Tom Fitzmorris


      Besh Steak
      Café Adelaide & the Swizzle Stick Bar
      Fogo de Cháo Brazilian Steakhouse
      Fountain Lounge
      Gordon Biersch
      >&he Grill Room at Windsor Court
      Johnny Sánchez
      Josephine Estelle
      LMNO at Le Meridien New Orleans
      >LükeCentral Business District / Downtown
      M Bistro at the Ritz Carlton
      Morton’s Steakhouse
      Public Service
      Tsunami Sushi

      City Park Area
      Cafe Degas

      French Quarter

      >Arnaud’s Restaurant
      Bistreaux at Maison Dupuy
      >Bombay Club
      >Bourbon House
      Crescent City Brewhouse
      >Criollo Restaurant
      Desire Oyster Bar
      Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse
      >Galatoire’s “33” Bar and Steak
      >Galatoire’s Restaurant
      >>GW Fins
      Hard Rock Café
      >K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen
      >Mr. B’s Bistro
      >Muriel’s Jackson Square
      Oceana Grill
      Olde Nola Cookery
      Palace Café
      Pelican Club
      Pier 424 Seafood Market
      >> Restaurant R’evolution
      Rib Room
      Royal House Oyster Bar
      Salon Restaurant by Sucre


      Boulevard American Bistro
      Zea Rotisserie

      Marigny / Bywater

      The Country Club
      Feelings Marigny Café

      >Katie’s Restaurant & Bar
      >Rue 127


      Audubon Clubhouse
      >>Brigtsen’s Restaurant
      Caribbean Room
      Carrollton Market
      Charlie’s Steak House
      >>Commander’s Palace
      Dante’s Kitchen
      Del Fuego Taqueria
      >Dick & Jenny’s
      The Melting Pot
      >Pascal’s Manale
      Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar

      Warehouse District /Center City

      American Sector
      >Tommy’s Cuisine
      Toups South

  10. Linda Franzo on September 6, 2017

    Hello Tom, I have been a long time caller on your show, usually commenting on herbs & pizza. I own Passionater Platter -Herb gardens & cooking classes in Olde Towne ,Slidell. I am currently Chair of the New Orleans Herb Society. We are having our Fall Herb Plant sale on September 30 from 9:00- 3:00. We are at a new location this year-Hollygrove Market. I would like to get the word out about our sale. When guest purchase herb plants from us, they don’t just get a plant, they get an herbal education! my number is 9857814372. We donate all the money to Longu Vue, Cultivating communities, local school gardens and to the New Orleans Botanical Gardens. I would love to have a convesation with you on the show,either by phone or on a tuesday round table discussion, or may I be so bold as to suggest an entire show dedicated to using herbs, letting guest call in with their favorite herbs & recipies. Looking forward to your thoughts and thank you for your time, Linda Franzo

    • Tom Fitzmorris Author on September 7, 2017

      Hello, Linda. . .
      That all sounds like a good idea. How about you and anyone else you want to bring join me for an hour at 3 p.m. the week of your event. The best days are Sept. 26, 27, 28, or 29. My wife handles all these bookings for me. Get in touch with her at

      Tastefully yours,
      Tom Fitzmorris

  11. Pearl on October 5, 2017

    Downloaded the app thru smartphone …works fine but no live connection. Have 2017 Buick Lacross and dealer knew nothing about helping me. What do I have to do to listen live in my new automobile?

    Somebody at the dealer installs radios. Ask to see that guy. Or you can check with the owner’s manual.

  12. Kathleen on October 23, 2017


    That hour of the program is online here. Just click on the link below.”